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1 September 2017

Australia’s Perisher Resort Extends Ski Season Following Heavy August Snowfall

When thinking of Australia, snow-topped mountains and winter sports are likely not the first thing to spring to mind. However, Australia is in fact home to countless winter sports enthusiasts and a multitude of ski resorts. Easily the largest ski resort in Australia is known as Perisher, which also encompasses the Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes and Guthega ski areas.

In a recent statement that is sure to delight the nation’s winter sports enthusiasts, the Perisher ski resort announced that they will be extending their ski season for another week, as favourable levels of snowfall have led to some of the best skiing conditions seen in the area for years.

The resort-issued statement, given on September 1st, reads as follows:

“On the back of over 2 metres of snow falling through the month of August and plenty more snow forecast for next week  we are extending the season  through to the end of the New South Wales School Holidays.  The four-resort areas of Perisher, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes and Guthega are all looking superb …And with the most amount of snow since 2012 it’s the best in years.”

Although the slopes are now in fine condition, Australia saw something of a bumpy start to the ski season. While early snowfall in May allowed many of the country’s resorts to open ahead of schedule, snowfall through June and July was somewhat lacklustre, which saw the base covering on the slopes begin to dwindle.

August provided the resorts with a saving grace, as evidenced by this recent decision to extend the season. The month saw heavy snowfall on at least two separate occasions, and the country’s leading resorts now have bases around the 1.5 metres mark; a very good figure in Australian skiing.

With another 40cm of snow expected to fall this weekend, the slopes should be in superb condition right through to the close of this year’s now-extended season.

Sam Bonson

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