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24 August 2017

The Fish Eye Project Partners with Canada C3 Expedition to Live-Stream Arctic Ocean Dives

The Fish Eye Project, an initiative founded by University of Victoria education graduate Mike Irvine and his colleague, oceanography PhD candidate Maeva Gauthier, has a rather laudable aim; to entertain, engage, and educate by connecting people to the world’s ocean through interactive live dives, breaking barriers, revolutionising education, and inspiring the next generation of ocean stewards in the process, as stated on their official website. They do so via a series of ongoing live-streamed dives, allowing their visitors to experience the thrill of these awe-inspiring deep-sea dives from the comfort of their own home or a local cinema/IMAX venue.

The Fish Eye Project is now teaming up with the Canada C3 Expedition, a Canada 150 project featuring an icebreaker travelling from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage, as well as the UVic-led Ocean Networks, Polar Knowledge Canada and Ocean Wise, to live-stream two upcoming Arctic dives across the whole of Canada.

The two dives, scheduled for August 27, will be conducted off a dock in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, with the first being broadcast in English and the second in French. The former will be streamed from 11am while the latter will begin at 1pm. Audiences can tune in online by visiting the Canada C3 Facebook page, or pop down to one of a number of local venues including the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria and the Vancouver Aquarium.

The broadcasts will consist of a mixture of both live footage and pre-recorded video featuring some of the most spectacular wildlife to be found in the area, hosted from above the waves by Irvine and Gauthier with assistance from the local Inuit community.

“Not many people go to the Arctic,” commented Gauthier. “But I’ve been a few times and I’m in love with the place.

“There are just so many aspects to it and we are hoping it will give people a sense of the Canadian Arctic. What is the Arctic, how do people live there and what can you see under its water? It’s going to be a real show.”

Sam Bonson

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