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9 August 2017

SH Pratt Group to Open New Cold Storage & Distribution Facility at DP World London Gateway

Subject to the agreement of a few final design details, late 2017 will see construction begin on a brand new temperature-controlled distribution facility within the West Zone of the Logistics Park at DP World London Gateway.

Owned and operated by Luton-based firm SH Pratt Group, the new facility will serve as a base of operations for their latest business, named Halo. Halo will be tasked with handling goods across a range of temperature thresholds within the 108,555 sq ft state-of-the-art facility. It will also serve as a distribution centre to the UK consumer market.

Relying upon the experience and expertise of SH Pratt Group, Halo hopes to ensure a more sustainable temperature-controlled supply chain by improving quality and reducing costs across the board. The new facility will reduce the distance, journey time, waste and resultant cost for customers when transporting products, further enhancing its value to the market.

Halo will also incorporate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software into the new facility, allowing customers to track the progress and condition of their goods via an online portal. Effective tracking will be vital to the facility’s operation, as it will accommodate a staggering 400 vehicles nationwide and support UK and wider European access; that’s a fair bit of traffic right there.

David Bateman, managing director of SH Pratt Group, said of the planned new facility, “Halo is a new venture under the SH Pratt Group banner. The business will see us drawing on our expertise in delivering a quality service when it comes to handling a wide range of products. Subject to final design details being agreed, Halo will be operating the port’s first temperature-controlled, chilled and frozen supply chain facility.

“DP World London Gateway is perfectly positioned close to the M25 and has unrivalled access to the rest of the UK. This will mean we are able to pass on tangible savings to customers and also reduce demurrage by offering a rapid turnaround.

“This will be a state-of-the-art, fully accredited, fully-focused facility which, coupled with SH Pratt Group’s expertise, will deliver beyond the expectations of our customers.”

Chris Lewis, chief executive officer for DP World London Gateway, also commented, “In just over a year’s time, SH Pratt Group will have a world-class, temperature controlled distribution facility on the same site as a world-class semi-automated port, located right on the doorstep of the UK’s biggest consumer market with unrivalled access to the whole of the country.”

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