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23 August 2017

New Summit Challenge Brings Winter Activities to the UK

It might be summer, but it’s not the warmest outside. For a lot of people that’s an issue, but for some it’s a reminder that winter is coming and with it the opportunity to go abroad and hit the slopes once again.

If that’s how you like to spend your time then you needn’t leave the country. There are great places to visit in the UK that will satisfy your need for winter sports, including Manchester’s Chill Factore where the new Summit Challenge was recently announced.

Aiming to provide a team building experience unlike any you’d find in an office environment, the challenge is designed to put groups of people through a series of tests in sub-zero temperatures as they attempt to reach the mountain summit. The additional obstacle of working together in the harsh cold definitely pushes people to their limits and forces them to find a way to cooperate with the rest of their team in order to make it safely up to the top and back down again.

Included in the list of tests is the crossing of a crevasse-ridden glacier where everyone must rope themselves together and move across it as one, prompting leadership and unity to take the forefront to ensure it’s a success. Constructing a shelter in a blizzard, dealing with snow blindness and replicating a sled are also incorporated into the Summit Challenge, alongside other tasks.

Morwenna Angove, the CEO of Chill Factore, explained that:

“The Summit Challenge is open to everyone regardless of physical ability, so everyone can get stuck in and work in harmony with their teammates. Most of all, we hope that the Mountain Challenge will reinforce existing relationships, as well as forging new ones.”

As one of the biggest indoor winter sports venues in the country, Chill Factore is the ideal place to visit if you’re looking to enjoy the snow without having to hop onto a plane. Their new Challenge now offers you a reason to organise that work trip out with the excuse that it’s a great way to improve the dynamic in the office and actually help you be more productive on the job. Researchers at the University of Tromsø in Norway have found that ice-cold conditions like those found at Chill Factore are actually best for increased cognitive performance.

So, not only can a bit of winter fun in the dwindling summer months be useful for improving relations with your colleagues, but it can also make you better at your job.

James Darvill

James is a passionate scriptwriter and reluctant poet with a talent for the dystopian. His love for cold weather sports and hiking in the winter gives him the enthusiasm for writing about keeping warm.