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8 August 2017

New Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Planned For Hyderabad

Gubba Cold Storage is hoping to expand its services to the pharmaceutical industry with the construction of a brand new facility in Hyderabad.

Img: Gubba Cold Storage 
The company are already one of the leading providers of climate controlled storage in India having been the first to supply the country with jumbo bag seed preservation and dehumidified cold storage in its existing facilities.

With twenty-nine years of experience behind them, they have the knowledge and experience to branch out from seeds and frozen foods into other areas of storage. Although the environment necessary for pharmaceutical storage is different for that of food and may require more in the way of security, the company is in a strong enough position to take on the task. They’re also planning to construct the facility in an area where there’s a demand for it.

“Hyderabad is the pharma hub of India but there are very few pharma compliant cold storage facilities in Telangana today,” said Gubba Kiran, chief executive officer of the company. “We are in the process of creating one facility for pharma industry. It will have a capacity to store 4,000 pallets.

“We are working with clients like Indian Immunological and others. We are mainly targeting the pharma companies that are present in Hyderabad. We are in talks with many players and we shall be adhering to all prescribed standards, safety and good manufacturing practices. We plan to make it real pharma compliant cold storage facility.”

Gubba Cold Storage have already established themselves in the Hyderabad area, with sixteen storage facilities in place across here and the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. This new pharmaceutical space would bring that up to seventeen, with plans also in place for ten more facilities across a number of cities in India.

“We are considering to set up facilities in Lucknow, Bengaluru and other cities,” Kiran added. “These will be pharma, seed, frozen fruits and vegetables and other products. We are planning ten such centres and the likely investment will be Rs 50 crore.”

Construction on the new storage facility is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

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