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8 August 2017

Gamber-Johnson Introduce Thermal Tablet Protective Cover for Cold Storage Applications

Img: Gamber-Johnson 
With the modern technological world ever advancing, it’s important that these devices are available for productive use in all workplaces – including the cold-storage industry. We’ve previously looked at specialised cold storage devices and the features and benefits of them on Keep Me Warm, and these devices included factors including built-in heaters and advanced battery technology.  

The issue which arose from these specialist devices is that they tend to be pricier than a regular tablet or equivalent device. Gamber-Johnson, a leading supplier of rugged computer mounting systems, has recently introduced their Thermal Tablet Protective Cover. This is an alternative option for using technology in a cold-storage environment, enabling devices which aren’t specialised for low temperatures to still be used, which could be more cost-effective.

The company describe it as “a thermal cover that’s water, UV, and dust resistant to keep your tablet safe.”  But, how does it work?

The cover is made from polyester with a urethane back, and the closures are secured with Velcro. It contains an in-built heater which self-activates when temperatures drop below 4.5 °C, and the cover also protects screens from cold-cracking to -29°C.

As for ease-of-use, Gamber-Johnson describes the screen cover as “easy to see and interact with, through a clear rolla glass vinyl screen.” It’s available in two sizes, 8” (20.3cm) and 10” (25.4cm) which fit most rugged tablets; brands Zebra, Panasonic and Getac are compatible.

“With the new thermal protective covers, we've developed a product specially designed to let tablets work in environments they typically haven't been used in before,” says Brian Demski, product manager for Gamber-Johnson. “Now cold storage facilities and other companies that use computers in a cold environment have another option to consider when they have new technology initiatives.”

With the development of this product, it may mean that expensive specialised technologies may be replaced with this and similar thermal accessories, making non-specialised devices more versatile and popular in the cold-store industry.

Laura Sewell

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