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3 August 2017

Dick Cold Storage and Tippmann Innovation Team Up For New Columbus Cold Store

Columbus, Ohio, is about to get a brand new cold store facility to fill the area’s growing need for frozen storage.

Img: Tippman Innovation
A joint venture by Tippmann Innovation and Dick Cold Storage will see a new 115,000 square-foot cold store established in the area where warehouses are already reaching maximum capacity on a regular basis. The building, which will have state-of-the-art technology capable of reducing temperatures to as low as almost -30°C, will have positions for 15,000 pallets of both traditional and high-density storage reaching as high as fifty feet. This great height allows for better vertical storage per cubic feet.

Expected to be finished in 2017, the facility will meet a range of needs by offering frozen, cooler and dry storage, as well as quick freezing capabilities for temperature sensitive products.

Dick Cold Storage has been around for seventy years and already has three other cold storage facilities in the Columbus area. Collectively, these warehouses reach a total space of 6 million cubic feet and counting.

Their collaboration with refrigerated warehouse builder Tippmann Innovation will ensure their new facility incorporates the best technology into the new endeavour and promotes continued profitably for the storage company.

Tippmann Innovation has already developed several revolutionary systems including their patented QuickFreeze+ in-rack freezing that pulls air through food products for faster freezing. This system reduces freezing time and increases capacity by allowing products in freezer storage to be rotated more efficiently.

With innovations like this being implemented in Dick Cold Storage’s new facility, the warehouse is sure to hit the ground running when construction finishes later this year.

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