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4 August 2017

Central Vietnam’s First International Standard Cold Storage Facility Begins Operations

Transimex Corporation reps attend the grand opening of the new facility   - Img: VNA 
Central Vietnam has something of a shortage when it comes to cold storage facilities constructed to the international standard, with storage space being far outweighed by the volume of farm produce and seafood stock produced in or imported into the region.

Fortunately for the farmers and fishermen of Vietnam, including both the Central and Central Highlands regions, the Transimex Joint Stock Corporation this past Thursday (3rd of August) began operations at their first international standard facility to be located in Central Vietnam.

The tailor-made facility cost around 20 billion VND (885,000 USD) to construct, and will provide storage for 2,000 tonnes of cargo over an area of 1,500m2. Incorporated into the company’s existing logistics centre in the Hoa Cam Industrial Zone, the facility will also offer various logistics services including air and sea freight for worldwide exports. This will be achieved via the facility’s connection with the trading route in the East-West Economic Corridor and a system of deep sea ports at Tien Sa and Lien Chieu.

The logistics centre with which the new facility will be linked was opened by Transimex in 2015, covers a total of 16,200m2 and includes a 9,300m2 general warehouse with an automatic cargo forklift and loading system for importers; all of which will undoubtedly prove invaluable to the operation of both the existing and new facilities.

It is hoped that this new development, along with others either completed or in the pipeline, will help the Central district of Vietnam to cement its position as a hub for high-tech industries, logistics, and tourism.

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