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25 July 2017

Raw Seafoods' New Cold Storage Facility Days Away From Opening

Raw Seafoods is almost ready to unveil its brand new cold store in Fall River industrial park now that the cooling units have finally been activated. The freezer, which stands at 80,000 square feet, will see its temperature gradually lower over the coming days until it’s ten degrees below zero. According to Angelo Nicolosi, the general manager of Raw Seafoods, that will take seventeen days, allowing for a full move-in towards the middle of August.

This new expansion is another step forward for the company who have seen a boost of at least fifteen percent year on year for the last decade, partly in response to the continued growth of the New Bedford fishing port. It’s now become the most lucrative port in the country with close to $400 million worth of catches per year.

As the Massachusetts coast has developed and the fishing stocks increased, so too has the worth of Raw Seafoods. Their proximity to fishing ports and airports means they provide the perfect location for the preservation of fish which can be “caught one day [and] served all over the world the next”.

This includes the storage and distribution of scallops which, as the prime generation of income for the New Bedford port, are an important source of revenue for the company. Scallops were Raw Seafoods first supplier of income back in the early 2000s before they branched out to other fish and foods. Now, they sell fresh and frozen seafood, packaged meals and appetisers to a wide range of supermarkets and wholesalers.

Once the new development opens next month, the company will hire an additional forty employees to their 200-strong team as spaces in the freezer and its adjoining office become available. With Raw Seafoods currently at the top of their game and still improving, their new Fall River cold store could be just the first of several in their promising future.

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