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21 July 2017

How to Select a Suitable Cold Storage Facility for the Frozen Food Industry

Cold storage facilities are a vital component of countless global industries, but perhaps none more so than the frozen food industry, which simply could not operate in the way it does without access to such premises. Especially as supply chains become increasingly long and complicated, an efficient and reliable facility which operates within strict guidelines will be absolutely crucial to the future success of the business.

While effective temperature control systems and the like are undeniably important, they’re also rather obvious requirements. So, what else should you consider when selecting your ideal cold storage facility?

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For the purposes of this article we will be focusing more heavily on warehousing managed by a third-party provider, rather than facilities owned and operated by your own company, although much of the following advice will be applicable in both situations.

Proximity & Access

The location of your cold storage facility is highly important for a number of reasons; for one, a warehouse situated close to your existing growing and/or productions site(s) will help to reduce both costs and your carbon footprint by cutting down on the miles travelled.

You will also want to ensure that your chosen facility has easy access to required transport routes, particularly in the case of larger premises which have numerous vehicles departing and arriving each day. Ensuring efficiency in this regard will save you hassle, time, and ultimately money.

Energy-efficient Design

Ensuring that your selected facility is efficient in terms of energy is important not just in order to reduce not only costs but also emissions, thereby lessening your environmental impact. Check that the warehouse facility has been built with energy conservation in mind, including features such as external cladding, insulated panels, and recycled heating systems.

Integrated Logistics & Third-party Experience

While some cold storage providers will stick to that task alone, many in the industry have widened their offerings to include other services such as distribution and value-added services. By opting to work with such a company you can effectively streamline your entire operation by having them handle all storage and logistics, thereby saving both time and resources.

Such companies also tend to possess a wealth of industry experience and relevant knowledge; a fact which you can make use of to further improve the efficiency of your business. If your chosen provider has a history of similar work and regularly meets KPI targets, you can rest assured that your logistical operations are in safe hands.

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