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6 July 2017

AGRO Merchants Group Announce Acquisition of Poland Services Transport-Logistyka

In a move that goes a long way in terms of securing their position in the European markets, global cold storage and logistics solutions provider AGRO Merchants Group announced last week their acquisition of Poland Services Transport-Logistyka (PSTL). Specialising in the storage, value-added services and logistics of frozen meat, poultry, seafood and other goods, PSTL have during their short years in operation already secured a reputation for superior service quality and commodity expertise. Couple this with the company infrastructure and properties which include an extensive 58,000 cubic metre cold storage facility located less than 1km away from the Gdańsk DCT terminal, an important import/export hub which makes up part of the Port of Gdańsk, and its plain to see why AGRO sought to bring PSTL into their group.

AGRO themselves are by no means sluggish in their endeavours even without the input of PSTL however, as they already offer cold storage and logistics services to 11 countries throughout Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, and are responsible for the operation of a total of 61 of their own facilities. The aim of the PSTL acquisition is to combine the expertise of both companies’ management teams and access to core import/export markets as part of a larger effort to capitalise on the ongoing expansion of the Port of Gdańsk and extend their reach in Poland and Europe as a whole.

The PSTL management team, led by industry leaders Slawomir and Krzysztof Samonek and Bart Mol, will continue to lead the current business and planned expansion initiatives.

Jan Harthoorn, ARGO’s Vice President of Strategic Development for Europe, said of the acquisition, “This acquisition reflects AGRO’s commitment to grow our footprint in core import/export markets. PSTL is a great fit for us in terms of culture, customer-focus and value-added services, plus we’re adding a top-class management team. Poland and Eastern Europe are very important geographies for AGRO, and this acquisition allows us to expand significantly our presence and services into this key market.”

Sławomir Samonek, Managing Director of PSTL, also commented, “We believe in the great potential of the Polish market. Our company is young and combined with previous experiences and the AGRO team, this is a great step for us to grow further with our customers and offer end-to-end solutions. We have seen the Port of Gdansk expand immensely and we look forward to also expanding locally, nationally and internationally as part of the AGRO Merchants network.”

The acquisition, although substantial in its own right, actually makes up just one part of a much larger investment strategy at ARGO which is focused upon several key European trading hubs of a similar nature to the Port of Gdańsk. To this end, earlier this year the company celebrated the opening of a new 18,000-pallet-space facility in Rotterdam-Maasvlakte, followed up by successful acquisitions of Frissul and Frigomato. The latter two companies together make up the leading cold storage operator in Portugal and a key part of the Iberian food supply chain.

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