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12 July 2017

11-year-old Inventor’s ‘Oasis’ Device Could Save the Lives of Children Left in Hot Cars

There really is no excuse for leaving your child locked in the car on a hot day, yet tragedies continue to happen regardless of this now well-known fact. The temperature inside a car can quickly skyrocket under the heat of the sun, posing a serious risk to any individuals left inside. It’s heart-breaking enough when a family pet loses their lives to their owners’ lack of responsibility; the same happening to a child really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Fortunately, there are those out there with the passion and drive to try and do something about it; people such as Bishop Curry. At just 11-years-old, the industrious Texas schoolboy was inspired upon hearing about a neighbour’s child who had sadly passed away due to high temperatures while locked within a car to create a simple gadget designed to prevent such disasters from occurring in the future.

Bishop Curry   - Img: GoFundMe
“I thought, this shouldn’t happen to anybody,” Bishop told “So I grabbed a piece of paper and started drawing out what I was thinking.”

His creation, which he has dubbed ‘The Oasis’, is designed to be installed into the car seat and will automatically detect if a child has been left in the seat while the vehicle is stationary. If a child is present, it will then proceed to keep continual track of the temperature inside.

If the device detects that temperatures inside the vehicle have reached a dangerous level, it will begin to blow cold air while simultaneously contacting the vehicle owner via text. If no response is received the device will then alert local authorities.

The Oasis device may have started out, as Curry states, as a few simple drawings, but after his Dad took his early concept into work to ask for advice on how to proceed from his colleagues at Toyota, the idea snowballed and Curry soon created the first prototype out of clay.

“People have ideas all the time [and] you want to invest in everyone’s idea,” his mom, Tina Curry, told “[But] there are people who think it’s a good idea also. There are people backing it up with their thoughts and money and support. It’s kind of eye-opening.”

Curry’s Oasis device has since received more than $40,000 dollars in funding donations via GoFundMe (which you can contribute to here if you so wish) and the family have now applied for a formal patent which will also them to start manufacturing the final product.

“I feel awesome,” Bishop said. “I never thought it’d go this far.”

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