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19 June 2017

The Major Health Benefits of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has become something of a national sport over in the states and it’s started to gain popularity over here too. This is great news for people interested in a contact team sport, especially with all the advantages that come from being on the ice. Although the rough nature of the sport might seem to contradict this, ice hockey is actually great for your health and provides an excellent array of benefits for your physical and mental fitness. This is what we’re going to look into today.

Better Coordination and Balance

Speed, power and agility are all important in a game of ice hockey, in order to keep control of the puck and ensure that the opposition doesn’t make it to your goal. The necessity to react quickly to pass and receive pucks on the ice can improve your hand-eye coordination as well as teaching you to control your balance, especially in the heat of the game.

Mental Benefits

All forms of exercise are beneficial to your mental fitness because the physical activity releases endorphins which can help to ease feelings of depression and anxiety. However, alongside that hockey also has its own added benefits due to the need for strong decision making skills on the ice. Any big team sport like this requires players to be on the ball at all times in order to react correctly to the opposition’s tactics, and honing these skills can be advantageous to everyday life.

Strength Development

Given the sport is played on ice, it offers a great workout for a lot of muscles in your body which can lead to a growth in strength. Learning to skate around the rink is great exercise for your legs, while the full-on nature of hockey gets the rest of your body involved too. Repeated training can improve your bone strength and increase muscle mass which leads to the development of a healthier body that is less susceptible to injury.

Stress Relief and Confidence Boost

Being part of a team can hugely impact your ability to make connections and communicate better with people off the ice. Sports like ice hockey require everyone to work together like a well-oiled machine; otherwise the opposition can easily dominate and win the game. By working closely with a group that all share the same interest as you, it can become easier to build up confidence, which in turn makes your time on the rink more effective at relieving stress.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Ice hockey has been found by medical professionals to reduce the amount of unhealthy triglycerides in your body, as well as increasing the high-density lipoprotein (HDL). These HDLs are often referred to as “good” cholesterol because they transport fat molecules out of artery walls and help to prevent atherosclerosis. The changes that ice hockey causes to your body are beneficial to your health because they lower your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

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