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2 June 2017

Hinckley Schoolboy Climbing Snowdon to Support Dog Charity

Eight year old schoolboy Joshua Yates from Hinckley is preparing to climb Snowdon later this year in support of dog charity Paws2Rescue.

Img: Scott Wylie
Scheduled for August 18th, the climb was inspired by a photo on the charity’s Facebook page showing a young pup in Romania abandoned and having to fend for itself in the cold. The photo left the Yates family heartbroken and moved them to adopt Amigo and Florence, two pups rescued by the charity. Kind-hearted Joshua wanted to do more to help support the work carried out by Paws2Rescue, though, and came up with this great way of raising funds and testing his abilities in the process.

The charity – whose patrons include Samantha Womack and Ricky Gervais – specialise in supplying care to stray dogs in the Eastern-European country. They provide food and shelter with the aim of finding the dogs a safe home in the UK or other parts of the continent. Although their focus is mainly concentrated on Romania, they try to help dogs wherever they can, including efforts in South Korea where the dog meat trade is prominent.

Training for Joshua’s Snowdon climb kicks off this week with a hike up to Kinder Scout and will continue for the next two and a half months until the big day arrives. If all goes to plan, this could potentially be the first of many charity fundraising events for the Yates family.

Before making the trip to Wales, the Yates family will need to make sure they’re prepared for the lofty climb up the country’s highest mountain. Although August is one of the better months to venture up in, due to the increase in average temperature and unlikely chance of snowfall, there are still precautions that need to be taken before climbing Snowdon.

Most notable is the wind chill. Temperatures on the mountain drop by 0.5 degrees centigrade on average with every 100m, and the exposure at the summit means wind speed is at its greatest. Even in the height of summer, hikers can still be impacted by cold weather and are advised to dress for potential drops in temperature. Thermal wear is particularly ideal for this time of the year where thicker clothes are more of a hindrance in the summer sun.

The weather can be hard to predict at the best of times, but if the Yates family dress for the occasion then the hike ought to be a success.

So far Joshua has raised £400 for his hike and you can contribute to his YouCaring page to help him reach his £500 goal. Updates on his training for the event can also be found here or on his Twitter profile.

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