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23 May 2017

The Warmest Places in Britain Revealed

Britain doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation when it comes to weather; sure, we’re spared the brutal conditions associated with areas such as Alaska and Russia, but tropical we most certainly are not. For such a relatively-small nation, we also have quite the diverse climate, with temperatures and overall conditions often varying substantially from one county to the next. For those of you determined to hunt down a little summer heat this year, rainwater recycling company Freeflush revealed earlier this month the warmest and driest places in the UK, ranked using data from the Met Office combined into a single metric based on maximum average temperature, dry days, and total rainfall.

Img: Freeflush
The capital city of London topped the charts as the warmest place in the UK with a maximum temperature of 15.3°C, 256 dry days, and only 557mm of annual rainfall, amounting to an overall Warmth Index (WI) of 1.62.

The rest of the top 5 consisted of Cambridge (14.5°C, 568mm annual rainfall, 258 dry days, WI 1.51), Chelmsford (14.6°C, 592mm annual rainfall, 257 dry days, WI 1.46), Worcester (14.5°C, 606mm annual rainfall, 251 dry days, WI 1.38) and Canterbury (14.7°C, 646mm annual rainfall, 255 dry days, WI 1.34).

It will likely surprise nobody that, on the other side of the scale, Glasgow emerged as the coldest and wettest city in the UK. With a maximum temperature of just 12.2°C, 256 dry days and a staggering 1,124mm of annual rainfall, the Scottish city was given a warmth index of 0.49, placing it a long way behind the likes of London.

Faring only slightly better are St David’s (12.6°C, 1138mm annual rainfall, 214 dry days, WI 0.54), Newry (12.3°C, 1019mm annual rainfall, 198 dry days, WI 0.55), Leeds (11.8°C, 1024mm annual rainfall, 213 dry days, WI 0.56) and Bradford (11.8°C, 1024mm annual rainfall, 213 dry days, WI 0.56), which join Glasgow to make up the 5 coldest places in the UK.

To view the full table and see how your own town or city fares in terms of warmth, head on over to the Freeflush website.

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