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15 May 2017

The Steigen Archipelago is an Arctic Haven

Img: Manshausen/Steve King 
Previously on Keep Me Warm, we’ve looked into the stunning Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort located in the heart Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, and now we’d like to show you around The Steigen Archipelago, situated 62 miles into the Arctic Circle. And like the Georgian resort, it’s pretty breath-taking.

Located in Northern Norway, the remote resort consists of a number of small islands with a wide range of activities and contemporary accommodation available. One of the resorts, Manshausen Island Resort, is an activity centre created by Børge Ousland – a famous polar explorer who was the first person to reach the North Pole in a solo and unsupported expedition.

Img: Manshausen Facebook
Ousland designed the place to be somewhere where people explore “the harmony between people and nature”. Manshausen is located in the middle of the Grøtøya, which is a mere 500 meters from the small village of Nordskot.

Steigen offers a wide range of activities for visitors across the hundreds of islands; kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and hiking across winter and summer months. Alpine ski trips are also available for winter enthusiasts, accessible by boat about half an hour from Manhausen. The resorts’ website informs that the best months for ski trips are March and April each year, where skiers can wind down mountains of 700-1000 metres high.

The accommodation on Manshausen comes in the form of a series of beautifully-designed contemporary huts, which fit perfectly into the surroundings with use of natural materials like wood, contrasted with glass. The floor-to-ceiling glass frames the scenic views perfectly to create a serene and relaxing experience whilst indoors. The glass exteriors are also perfect to view the spectacular show of the Northern Lights, which often pay a visit to the island to wow visitors.

Img: Manshausen/Steve King
In terms of saving the planet, Manshausen and other islands in the archipelago are doing their bit. Manshausen are aiming to be climate neutral within five years, meaning that their carbon footprint is at zero, with any emissions being released being at the same level as those being offset. They aim to achieve this by supporting local producers and using local ingredients as much as possible.

For more information on resorts in Steigen Archipelago, visit the Manshausen website.

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