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19 May 2017

Frigomundo Installs the Netherlands’ Largest Cold Store Solar Panel System

Solar power and cold storage facilities; we talk about both of the aforementioned subjects quite a lot here at Keep Me Warm, but rarely do we get the opportunity to cover an event which spans across the two. Well, over at Frigomundo Coldstore, located in the municipality of Zoeterwoude, South Holland, they have provided up with just such an opportunity, as they have recently begun installation of the largest solar panel system to be incorporated into any cold storage facility in the Netherlands.

Already under construction and expected to be operational by the end of May this year, the record-breaking system will consist of 5,800 solar panels installed over 10,500m² of roof space. With a total capacity of 1,577MWp, the system will be capable of producing 1,388MWh each year; enough to meet the average annual energy needs of 300 families of four.

Frigomundo Coldstore uses approximately 2,915MWh of energy per year, meaning the solar panels will provide around 50% of the facility’s yearly energy requirement. When the cooling systems are not operational, the excess power generated will be sent back into the local electricity grid. All in all, the new solar panel system should reduce the facility’s overall carbon footprint by a hefty 950 tonnes per year.

Adriaan Figee, commercial director of Frigomundo, said of the new system’s installation, “We see a growing necessity towards CO2 neutral production chains. By making the storage part more sustainable we positively influence the environmental impact of the total production chains of our clients. With our sustainable approach we are convinced we have a competitive edge compared to other cold stores and we will attract clients with the same sustainable view on the future.”

The new system is testament to the growing awareness of global warming, its causes, and the steps we must now take to fight against it. Hopefully, Frigomundo’s investment in renewable energy will serve as the catalyst for a much larger shift in the cold storage industry and beyond; our planet’s future may depend upon it.

Sam Bonson

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