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22 May 2017

Climate-Controlled Self-Making Duvet Lets You Dictate the Temperature from Your Phone

Img: Smartduvet 
Effectively regulating your temperature can be highly beneficial when trying to sleep, as we’ve discussed in the past. Temperature controls melatonin levels, which in turn induces sleep, and so finding ways to manage our temperature during the night is a must for many who perhaps struggle to get a bit of shut-eye, or simply don’t sleep well enough to properly recuperate.

We’ve spoken before about some ingenious solutions to this issue, such as a new copper-infused mattress designed to redistribute heat as you sleep, and now a new player has entered the field.

Out of Canada comes the Smartduvet Breeze, an innovative piece of technology that will not only allow you to effectively regulate your temperature during the night, but will also make the bed for you come morning. While the self-making aspect may at first just seem like laziness, the company stress that for those will mobility issues who struggle with such tasks, the feature could be highly useful.

As our Keep Me Warm moniker may suggest, our interest is more focused upon the temperature control features of the product, and in that area the Smartduvet Breeze truly shines.

Img: Smartduvet
After downloading the associated app, users can then use their phone to make the bed, which can also be done at pre-set times, as well as increase or decrease the temperature of each side of the bed individually, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep whatever your preference.

The Smartduvet Breeze simply slots into your duvet cover atop a normal duvet and then relies on a network of small channels to pump air throughout. Depending upon the location and temperature of this air, it can effectively adjust either side’s temperature at short notice or make the bed for you while you go about your day.

Smartduvet claim their new Breeze product could significantly reduce energy costs for users, as they will no longer need to manage the temperature of their entire home in order to get a decent night’s sleep.

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