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28 April 2017

Startup’s Copper-Infused Mattress Redistributes Heat as You Sleep

As my colleague explained a while back, temperature can have a substantial effect on our sleep patterns. Our bodies naturally drop in temperature during the night, triggering the production of melatonin which in turn induces sleep, so by reducing the temperature of our environment we can mimic this effect, and help ourselves drift into a deep sleep.

However, turning down the thermostat isn’t the only way to achieve this effect.

This is the idea behind PangeaBed, a newly launched copper-infused mattress which the manufacturers claim “brings you a cooler and cleaner sleep while offering exceptional comfort and support.”

In order to keep you cool, the mattress makes use of Talalay latex infused with copper (a well-known thermal conductor) sat atop a layer of PangeaBed’s Cool Gel, all of which helps to redistribute rather than retain the heat accumulated through the night. An accompanying pillow is also available, made of the same innovative materials, to help ensure a good night’s sleep.

Heat distribution is however not the only benefit of utilising copper in mattresses and pillows. Copper has long been made use d for its natural antimicrobial properties, something which the makers of PangeaBed took note of. By using the metal in their products, they can ensure cleanliness as well as cooling.

The mattress and pillows are available for purchase online, with some hefty discounts being offered on their website at the time of writing. They further offer a 100-night sleep trial just in case you’re unsure, as well as a generous 10-year warranty.

Sam Bonson

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