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20 April 2017

French Free-Diver Breaks Record with 575ft Ice Dive

A free-diver took to the icy waters on Finland in a bid to break the world record for the longest under-ice free-dive – and he succeeded. Arthur Guérin-Boëri, a 32 year old free-diver from France, swam an impressive total of 575 feet under ice, in just one breath.

Guérin-Boëri broke the record on March 11th of this year in Finland, where the 575 feet swim (which is just over 175 metres in distance) took place under a sheet of 19 inch-thick ice. The water temperature was around 0°C – a swimming temperature not for the faint hearted.

The breath-taking photographs were captured by fellow free-diver, scientist and photographer Alex Voyer, capturing Guérin-Boëri’s streamlined silhouette as he swam below the ice - one which many would compare to a mermaid with the addition of his monofin.

“The temperature just under the surface is between zero and one degree Celsius... luckily we had a little sauna van to recover in” Voyer told MailOnline Travel.

Voyer captures the black line which the diver follows; it being a guideline to the end of his path to avoid any wrong turns or misjudgement.  Arthur Guérin-Boëri is also the proud record holder of the first person to free-dive 984 feet in less-chilly waters.

Winter swimming is a hobby many love to brave in the colder months. The chill and thrill of taking the plunge into icy waters can be invigorating and offer similar benefits to the body as cold showers and ice baths do.

Cold water is great for your skin, hair and will wake you up in a much bigger way that your morning coffee would, the shock of the cold increasing your oxygen intake from the encouraged heavy breathing.

Recreational winter swimming is one adventurous winter sport, but free-diving is a whole other ball-game. For free-diving in icy waters, you can’t just get away with your standard swimsuit – kit up in a full body suit and mask to protect your eyes and skin and ultimately keep you warm.

See Alex Voyer’s other impressive photography work on his and fellow photographer and freediver Alex Roubaud’s website here.

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