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17 March 2017

This Shipping Container Ski Resort is a Design Masterpiece

Img: Quadrum Gudauri 
When on a skiing holiday, you’d expect your accommodation to resemble some form of cosy log cabin-looking hotel, typically. Something made of wood and a structure with a sloped roof in the resort’s nearby little town, surrounded by a few shops and cafes to grab yourself a warming hot chocolate. What you’re less likely to expect is a hotel, built from a number of shipping containers, on stilts, in the mountains. The Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia is just that, and it’s pretty breath-taking.

Built 7,200 feet above sea level and mounted on stilts, it doesn’t disrupt the landscape, which is an obvious plus. There are balconies built onto rooms, allowing visitors to fully soak in the landscape and fresh mountainous air. The use of shipping containers allows for an innovative design while recycling them as a way to put them to good use - as sending them back to their origin destination is expensive, and simply not worth it.

Img: Quadrum Gudauri
The interiors are equally as stunning as the exterior, with an angular design in the furniture, shelves, and large windows, providing panoramic views of the picturesque surroundings. There’s wifi access, a perfect bonus as you’ll definitely want to share some snaps of this Instagram-worthy resort.

Img: Quadrum Gudauri
The floors are linked by a single spiral staircase, adding to the interest in design; the hotel being deemed the first boutique hotel in the Caucasus Mountains.  Next year, the hotel is set to have swimming pool and sauna facilities, which will be interesting to see how they pull that off – but seeing the design-genius already in place, it’s likely to be just as impressive.

Shipping container architecture is a growing trend due to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of the containers. Many are living in shipping container homes or visiting similar shipping container hotels as an interesting twist on modern architecture. But the question strikes, especially in places like Georgia’s ski mountains and sub-zero temperatures, as to how the shipping containers are insulated.

The specific type of insulation used for the Quadrum Ski and Yoga resort isn’t detailed on their website, however it’s likely to be one of the following:
  • Foam - a quick insulation method, spray foam provides one of the most effective forms of insulation. It’s very flexible and will get into every nook and cranny, providing optimum insulation. It would be perfect for the cold climate in the mountains; however this form does come at quite a high cost. 
  • Panels - insulation panels attach to stud walls, and very simple to fit. A small depth panel provides high insulating value and so are cost-effective.
  • Blanket - like insulation panels, blanket insulation requires stud walls to fit it. This is probably the cheapest option, however can come with difficulty in fitting, due to some being made out of fibreglass, which requires personal protective equipment. This form of insulation is effective; it won’t create such a seamless covering as foam does.
There are also environmentally-friendly options for insulation, including wool or cotton, used in the same way as blanket insulation, or even greenery and mud with ‘living roofs’.

The wooden panels on the outside of the containers are likely to also provide a small amount of extra insulation, as well as being a feature of beautiful aesthetics. Quadrum Ski and Yoga resort looks like a haven in the mountains, with the coverage on it likely to have made many ski-lovers itching to visit. Check out the Resort’s website for more information or to book your room!

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