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22 March 2017

The World’s Largest Igloo in Zermatt

Img: Iglu-Dorf 
Igloos are pretty cool. Structures made of snow and ice, providing barriers to the elements and an alternative shelter. Guinness World Records are pretty cool too, and the Iglu-Dorf building crew in Switzerland decided to combine the two.

The building crew, supported by Volvo, has built the world’s largest domed igloo in Zermatt, Switzerland, completed on the 30th January last year. Iglu-Dorf, creators of many ice hotels and structures, took on the challenge and succeeded, building a structure measuring an impressive 10.5 meters tall, with a vast internal diameter of 12.9 meters (that’s just over 42 feet.)

A spokesperson said to Guinness World Records “As the initiator of igloo overnight stays in Europe, we want to show the world that we can build the biggest igloo ever.”

See the video below of the construction from the Guinness World Records YouTube page, in an artsy time-lapse manner:

The structure was built with approximately 1,400 blocks of snow, each weighing up to 14 kilograms  and an 18-strong crew, taking a mere three weeks to complete in the Swiss Alps.

Since completion, ice artists have participated in making the igloo even more of a spectacle, adding sculptures and carvings to the dome.

Img: Iglu-Dorf
Adrian Günter, the project’s initiator said: “The good planning and the terrific collaboration within the team contributed to the success of the world record.”

“Everything went smoothly and the construction team was highly motivated even though it was sometimes hard to work day and night, even during snow storms and at very low temperatures. We are very pleased and proud to have set the world record.”

The record attempt was in celebration of the Iglu Dorf village hotel’s 20th anniversary. The success of the build overtook the previous World Record holder’s, awarded to a team in Grand Falls, Canada in February 2011.

The project’s sponsor and official partner, major car-manufacturer Volvo showcase their new model, the Volvo XC 90 in the igloo, making it the highest ‘showroom’ in the world.

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