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28 March 2017

Report Reveals Health Risk Posed by 1,700 “Excessively Cold” Homes in Norwich

Norwich City Council recently compiled a 71-page report on home energy conservation, and within it revealed the alarming truth that around 1,700 private homes in the city are deemed to be “excessively cold”, thereby posing a health risk to residents.

Img: John Fielding
An estimated 1,676 private sector homes in the city were labelled as a Category 1 risk for excess cold, a problem which council officers are have been making efforts to correct by taking enforcement action in order to force landlords to make improvements. Almost 60 improvement notices have been served since 2013, with around a dozen more cases being resolved informally, providing evidence of the council’s commitment to rectifying the issue.

Bert Bremner, Norwich City Council cabinet member for environment and sustainable development, said of the report, “It’s absolutely amazing that in this day and age, there are homes which have problems with heating and insulation.

“Our officers at City Hall are exploring every avenue to try to help people and we have invested a lot in improvements to our own housing stock.”

The primary concern arising from the report is the well-being of Norwich residents, with the report itself stating, “It is known that excess cold can bring about respiratory conditions such as: flu, pneumonia and bronchitis and cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.”

Despite the problems facing the city’s homes, the report reveals that fuel poverty has actually seen a reduction in recent years - fuel poverty being defined as ‘the condition of being unable to afford to keep one's home adequately heated.’ However, the report doesn’t downplay the fact that fuel poverty is still a present issue.

The report states, “Despite a reduction in fuel poverty levels, 10.5pc of all Norwich households still live in fuel poverty, which equates to over 6,500 households.”

Sam Bonson

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