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7 March 2017

New Zero-Emissions London Taxi Endures Low Temperature Testing in Arctic Circle

Img: London Taxi Company
When it comes to operating in extremely low temperatures, it’s not just our fragile human bodies that struggle. Machinery and technology of all kinds must also conquer some significant hurdles if they are to be able to function properly when temperatures plunge far below zero. To ensure that their own latest creation is able to withstand challenging weather conditions wherever and whenever they may strike, the London Taxi Company (LTC) has sent its all-new zero-emissions-capable electric London taxi to the Arctic Circle, pitting it against to most extreme conditions our planet can throw at it.

The performance tests have been designed to ensure that the vehicle will “always start, perform and enjoy class-leading electric battery powered range in the harshest of temperatures.” Alongside these checks, the testing programme will also examine the quality of passenger/driver experience and the driving experience; basically, this means that testing will be expanded to include heating and ventilation systems, grip, drivability and visibility in extreme temperatures.

Img: London Taxi Company
Quality Director Wolfram Liedtke explains, “Our new taxi is being developed with two key engineering principles – quality and endurance, to meet the needs of the demanding taxi duty cycle.  We soon commit the product to series production at our all-new manufacturing facility in Ansty, near Coventry.  It will be, without doubt, the highest quality and resilient product in London Taxi's 98 year history.”

However, it seems that the Arctic isn’t quite cold enough as far as LTC are concerned, as they plan to further stress the vehicle by cooling it down to -49°C in giant fridges. Once the team are happy that the vehicle can handle cold to such extremes rarely seen in natural weather systems, the cab will be sent off for another round of endurance testing, this time subjected to extreme heat, before being made available for purchase.

London Taxi Company CEO, Chris Gubbey, says, “Given these extremes of testing – we are demonstrating that our vehicle will be a taxi for London and the world over, capable and at home in any city.”

Piling further praise on the new taxi, Steve McNamara, General Secretary at the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, stated that, “This new clean, modern, 21st century vehicle will ensure that the world's best cab drivers now have the best tool for the job.”

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