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30 March 2017

Man-made 55ft ‘Snow Mountain’ to be Dismantled in Wyoming

The largest mound of snow in 20 years is to be dismantled by crews after building up over the winter, and refusing to melt. Located in Wyoming, US, the 55 feet high ‘snow mountain’ consists of snow removed from the streets of Jackson, built up over the winter season.

Locals say it’s the largest collection of tight-packed snow they’ve seen in two decades in the area, the sheer amount so large, it’s formed what only can be described as a man-made snow mountain.

The mound has been named ‘The Grand Pardee’ in its honour of being so large and after Director of Public Works in the Town of Jackson Larry Pardee, among a few other nicknames.

Img: Ryan Wells
The size has shrunk since the peak of winter, from a huge 80,000 cubic yards and 250 feet wide, to now 52,371 cubic yards. Something of such size brings difficulty in measuring, yet these calculations came from Jorgensen Engineer Ryan Wells, with the help of his drone, which he flew over the area in early January.

Teams are dismantling the impressive mound with an army of CAT vehicles and bulldozers to eventually spread it over a vast area, resulting in a three-feet-high blanket to allow it to thaw and melt at a quicker rate.

The town’s street manager Sam Jewison tells Jackson Hole News & Guide, “I’m going to have them spread it out as far and wide as we can and then let the sun, rain and wind work on it,

“We’ve never had that much snow brought in here,' he said, adding that they were running out of room.”

Throughout the destruction process, objects have been found it the snow – presumably dropped on the road then moved unnoticed to the dumping ground. These objects include a lost glove, a tennis ball – probably thrown by a local dog walker – and a credit card, belonging to an aptly-named Richard Hills.

There are hopes that the snow has completely melted and worn away by the elements by the end of May, to allow for the local summer activities to take their location. 

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