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20 March 2017

Cold Storage Collapse in Kanpur Kills Five and Injures Several

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Katiyar Cold Storage, located in Kanpur, India, suffered an explosion and building collapse last week, on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

The cold storage building exploded due to an ammonia leak in one of its gas chambers, leading to part of the building structure falling, with cold-storage workers inside at the time.

The tragedy took the lives of five young labourers working in the building, identified as Sanjay Jadhav (28), Swadesh Katiyar (28), Bhumeshwar Ram (32) Rambali Ram (30), and another man identified only as Sanjay (30).

Anand Kumar Singh, senior officer of Kanpur told NDTV during the rescue operation on the day of the incident, “Five people taken to a speciality hospital in the Kanpur town have died. One person has been declared dead at the spot. We are trying to get those trapped out as soon as possible,”

A further eight workers suffered serious injuries from the incident, and no others are missing as the recovery operation ended, as reported by The Indian Express.

Chief Medical Officer Prasad reported that the eight injured were treated free of charge.

District Magistrate Sharma said that the cold storage was found to be storing 1/65 lakh potato packets against its capacity of 1.50 lakh.  Upon the inspection, the cold storage was also found to be operating without a licence, and three individuals, including the building’s owner, have been booked into the case, according to Senior Superintendent of Police in Kanpur City, Akash Kulhari.

Strict action is to be taken against any individual found guilty concerning the unlicensed operation of the cold storage building, and The Indian Express reports that the the Horticulture Department has been asked to carry out a thorough investigation into how the building operated and who is responsible. 

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