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23 February 2017

Storm Doris Causes Disruption and Destruction as it Hits the UK

Img: MET Office 
Storm Doris has hit the UK today with force, causing high winds, heavy rain and snow showers. From fallen trees to cancelled flights and trains, the damage on the storms first day has been powerful. Here’s the low-down on the storm and how to take care of yourself during the storm.

What’s caused Storm Doris?

The Met Office has issued an Amber Severe Weather Warning following a deep pressure system, developed in the Atlantic, having made its way to the UK.  This deep pressure system has undergone Explosive Cyclogenesis, in where the pressure has rapidly fallen in the centre of the storm system (24millibars in 24 hours), deeming Storm Doris a ‘Weather Bomb’. With a strong jet stream and low pressure after passing over the warmed North Atlantic Oceans, the storm has become destructive in many aspects across the country.

Effects so far

Winds are expected to reach strong speeds of 60-80mph, depending on proximity to coasts, with the strongest gusts recorded in North Wales of 94mph this morning, as well as an 82mph gust on the Isle of Wight, as reported by the Met Office.

Snow has also hit Northern regions, with Aberdeenshire seeing 5cm by 10am this morning, with higher readings on mountainous land.

Road closures include the Dartford Crossing linking Kent and Essex, as well as the M80 due to snow, which has since been reopened.

Rod Dennis, RAC Traffic Watch spokesman said: “Motorists are advised to take extra care as Storm Doris impacts the UK, be prepared to reduce your speed, allow plenty of room between your car and the vehicle in front and be wary of aquaplaning where water accumulates on the road.”

The BBC reports that “Heathrow has advised passengers to check their flight status before travelling to the airport” due to 10% of the flights being cancelled, and others delayed.

Tragically, there have been reports of a fatality due to the storm’s force. A woman aged 20-30 years old in Wolverhampton suffered severe head injuries after being hit by a large piece of roof. Sadly, the emergency services were unable to save her and she was confirmed dead on the scene shortly after being hit.

Forecasts for the end of the week and advice

More rain and wind is expected to continue through to the weekend and into next week but will not reach the same level as Storm Doris, as reported by BBC News.

Chief Met Office Meteorologist Eddy Carroll said “Friday will bring a welcome break from the unsettled conditions with some sunny spells for many and much calmer winds after a cold start with a risk of icy patches.” The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for ice affecting northern England, the Midlands, Northern Ireland and Scotland on Friday.

It’s advised to avoid travel and to take shelter until the winds calm this evening. Keep up to date with forecasts and weather warnings via the Met Office and other news outlets.

Laura Sewell

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