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15 February 2017

Door Types for Modular Cold Rooms

Modular cold storage rooms are a happy in-between for businesses in need of small scale cold storage. They offer all the benefits of big warehouse storage in a tiny package. We’ve written previously about them, delving into the pros and cons. For catering, retail or small distribution businesses modular storage can be a lifesaver. It is easy to customise these modular rooms, choosing door types to fit the intended space.

Non-fixed doors, clear plastic swing doors or strip curtains, are one viable option, but fixed rooms offer a bit more control. Here we will explore the different types of opening and closing mechanisms to fit onto cold rooms.

Flip Flap Doors

Img: Emco
These doors resemble traditional doors, swinging inwards and outwards on self-closing hinges. The efficiency of the self-closing hinge is vital to maintaining the cold temperature of the unit. This type of door offers quick access to the inner room, flipping open to allow entry and flapping closed once through. Simple and effective, flip flap doors are well-suited for operations requiring constant entry, such as in a laboratory, meat processing facility or kitchen.

Sliding Doors

Img: AC&R Asia
Chain doors have an industrial look, utilising a chain system to automate the door. This type of door incorporates built-in safety features, namely cushioning impacts upon closing and an automatic stop whenever an object moves through the opening. These mechanisms minimise accidents for parties passing through the door – personnel, machinery and products. Cold storage rooms with little space to spare can benefit from a sliding door as there is no need to accommodate swing space within the unit. Commercial spaces are ideal for this type of door as they open and close on demand.

Hinged Doors
Img: MD Milnes

These heavy duty doors are made of high-quality construction materials and can be customised to varying specifications. Hinged doors are the heftiest option of the lot, offering powerful interior insulation which cuts down on temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the sealing properties of these doors can help cut down on energy costs.

Service Doors

Cold storage rooms that are repeatedly accessed will operate best if fitted with a service door. These doors can be used to divide storage spaces, enabling entry from the outside and an avenue of service within. Doors can be used to divide spaces within the unit and are effective at filtering out noise. These are commonly used in fast food chains or restaurants.

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