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25 January 2017

Chimney Sheep Partners with Omega Plastics to Expand Insulation Range

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Chimney Sheep, a UK-based company providing a simple yet effective product designed to reduce heat loss through open chimneys, has recently partnered with injection moulding specialists Omega Plastics in an effort to expand its current offering.

Born in 2012, Chimney Sheep was first conceptualised when founder/inventor Sally Phelps moved into a new home, opened the chimneys and set about sealing up any draughts; she then realised the counterintuitive nature of this endeavour – by opening up the chimneys, she rendered her draught-exclusion efforts largely redundant. Seeking a solution, she turned to local sheep farmers; after some experimentation, she managed to create the first prototype Chimney Sheep out of felt made from Cumbrian wool. This simple approach has hardly changed since.

One thing Phelps did not expect however, was the massive popularity and surge in sales her company would experience. Following a six-fold increase in trading and numerous requests from customers for a larger variant of the product to fit more chimney styles, Phelps got to work creating new products before realising that, simply put, the handles just weren’t up to par for the enlarged product. Unwilling to disappoint her customers, Phelps took her problem to Omega Plastics; it didn’t take long for the partnership to prove beneficial to both parties, as Phelps told BP&R:

“It is absolutely crucial that the plastic components are precisely tooled to give a firm hold. [Omega Plastics] teamed up with their partners at Fizikal Design to devise new concepts which improved the strength, functionality and style of each component.

“Working with the team at Omega Plastics has been hugely beneficial. Having the tooling and manufacturing on one site made the development and production process more efficient and cost-effective. Omega’s acute attention to detail also ensures that we always have a high-quality product.”

Michael Winship, Business Development Manager at Omega Plastics, also commented on the partnership, stating, “It’s been fantastic working with Sally on the new component designs and tooling. Helping our customers to realise their concepts and get their products into the marketplace is what drives us.

“Working together we were able to provide a full solution for the project, taking Chimney Sheep from the re-design stage through to creating precise production ready tools and manufacture.”

Sam Bonson

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