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1 December 2016

UK Weather Plunges to -9.4°C Overnight

A common sight on UK driveways this week   (stock photo)
Meteorological winter officially starts in the UK today, and the weather is reflecting that, with
thermometers across the UK hitting their lowest points since last winter on Wednesday night, with the mercury plunging as low as -9.4°C in places, according to the Met Office.

The coldest reading from around the country was in the village of Sennybridge, Powys, Wales on Wednesday morning, and was the lowest November figure since 2010. In England, amongst the coldest temperature was -8.5°C in Benson, Oxfordshire.

According to upcoming forecasts from the Met Office, evenings will be slightly warmer from Wednesday thanks to clouds coming down from Scotland, pushing daytime temperatures back up to as high as 9°C. However, the icy snap could come back at the weekend, with some areas getting a heavy coating of frost.

This means that conditions have been slightly colder than average for this time of year, but that could just be the result of this temporary cold spell.

Local Government Associations (LGAs) have been preparing for winter by stocking up on grit, and current stocks are well-supplied, with around half of grit storage at full capacity. The gritters come out in full force whenever the temperature drops below zero, so on Wednesday night they will have been extremely busy.

Public Health England recently released a warning for people to remember that “cold does kill,” and this particularly applies to the elderly, so make sure you take care of any elderly relatives that might be at risk.

Sam Franklin

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