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9 December 2016

The Next Boaty McBoatface? Schoolchildren Invited to Name New Antarctic Icebreaker

It seems some people will never learn. Clearly taking nothing from the online poll which very nearly saw the UK’s new polar research vessel bearing the name of RSS Boaty McBoatface (the more sensible name of RSS Sir David Attenborough was ultimately chosen), the Australian Antarctic Division has asked schoolchildren to suggest names for their new icebreaker ship.

Img source: Australian Antarctic Division
The new vessel, which is due for completion by 2020, is to replace the existing Aurora Australis Icebreaker, which has been operating since 1989.

The naming completion has been designed as part of Classroom Antarctica, a program created by the Australian Antarctic Division to teach the Australian youth all about the frozen land. The program includes modules on the geography and history of Antarctica, as well as the scientific and mathematical reasoning for its nature and peculiarities.

In a statement regarding the naming competition and its time-scale, Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg stated, “We’re conducting a nationwide school competition to name the next icebreaker and that will be running over the course of the first term next year.”

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere scientist Dr Steven Rintoul also took a moment to comment on the new icebreaker, describing it as a “game changer” that is “faster, bigger and capable of breaking through ice. It can carry more scientists and can spend a longer time at sea”, as compared to its predecessor, the Aurora Australis.

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