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21 December 2016

Bus Driver Buys Hats and Gloves for Freezing Schoolkids

A bus driver from the U.S. generously bought hats and gloves for the schoolkids on his route after he noticed them shivering at the bus stops, with one young boy so cold he was crying, according to the Kennewick School District Facebook page.

John Lunceford, a grandfather and army veteran, has been the driver of the Kennewick school bus for three years.

Last Thursday, he stopped the bus for one student who was so cold due to the freezing weather that he was crying. Lunceford selflessly gave the boy his own gloves and, after dropping the kids off at school, stopped off at the dollar store and bought 20 sets of gloves in black and pink.

He went to find the boy in the school library and gave him a pair of the gloves, before telling the rest of the students on his route that they could get some from him if they didn’t have any of their own.

Lunceford said that he would help any student that got onto his bus, saying “I’m a grandfather, you know. No one wants a kid to suffer like that.”

What a noble deed by Mr Lunceford to help keep those kids warm. It’s the little things.

Sam Franklin

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