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7 November 2016

The Benefits of Clear Plastic Swing Doors and Strip Curtains in Cold Storage

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When operating a cold storage facility, ensuring that you are able to properly seal a coldroom is vital to its efficient operation. An improperly-sealed room will gain heat from outside sources, making it difficult to consistently maintain the required temperature. However, what you would think of as a ‘standard’ door isn’t exactly ideal in a high-traffic facility; the access way becomes a bottleneck, reducing workflow and wasting time alongside the obvious undesirable loss of cold whenever the door is held open. They also create clear problems in terms of the safe operation of forklift trucks and similar vehicles.

Thankfully, there is another option in the form of clear plastic swing doors and strip curtains. Although a distinction is made between the two, they operate using the exact same concept, so in this article we will discuss the two forms as one set.

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Although you may not think it at first glance, given the way these dividers are constructed using a number of separate plastic strips only connected at the top, they are actually remarkably well-insulated. Perfectly capable of maintain consistent temperatures and reducing spikes within a cold storage area, these dividers have a couple of added benefits that cements their superiority over traditional sealed doors within the facility itself.

Firstly, the workflow bottleneck is removed, as employees can simply walk straight through, hands full of stock, without so much as needing to stop to open a door. The divider seals itself behind them, further improving temperature retention and saving a little time in the process. The almost negligible amount of time saved by not having to manually operate a door may seem insignificant, but in high-traffic facilities those brief moments will soon add up.

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Clear plastic dividers, in the form of swing doors and strip curtains, also have some clear benefits in terms of safety, particularly in facilities in which forklift trucks or similar vehicles are regularly in operation. The primary reason for this is fairly simple; visibility. By using clear plastic dividers, forklift drivers are able to see any possible obstructions to their route, in the form of stock or staff, well in advance. This gives them plenty of time to stop if needed, and allows them to speed through unhindered if the area is clear. Not only will this save you time and allow more efficient operation of the facility, it will also substantially increase staff safety.

It should of course go without saying that these plastic partitions, while perfectly suited to access points within the facility itself, such as to divide areas containing different stock lines or kept at different temperatures, they are typically not a viable option for the main external doors of the facility on their own. For these access points you will also need properly-sealed, lockable external doors, but I shouldn’t need to tell you that.

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