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24 November 2016

Keep Warm in Style - The Top 5 Extravagant Heaters

If you want to stay cool whilst you stay warm, you’ll perhaps want to invest in one of these gizmos before winter. Although most heaters are fairly dull, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most extravagant heaters on the market right now.

Bleu Provence Radiator

It’s a radiator designed in the style of Renaissance architecture. The sharp edges and golden hue give the piece an overall chic aesthetic, which will fit with any sleek, modern home. Available in hot water and electric varieties, the Bleu Provence radiator sacrifices little functionality in pursuit of extravagant looks – just what we like. Although its installation mid-way up the wall means it will take somewhat longer for the entire room to feel warm, it’s a small price to pay for such an opulent design.

Img source: Archi Expo

Rhino Convection Heater
If you’re really, really cold, or just looking to roast a whole deer, you could consider an industrial-size Rhino TQ3 2.8kw Heater. It’s only £150, but in its display picture it’s being used to heat an entire factory! Okay, maybe just a work station – but anyone who’s been in a large, empty room will know how hard it is to stay warm when the ceiling is really high. With two 1400W heating elements and two heat settings, this goliath is used for heating objects, not spaces; or it could be used to dry a wall of paint, if you’re in a hurry to get a job done.

Img source: Sitebox

Gas Heaters: Calor Provence Stove

What do you get the man who has everything? A Calor Provence Stove, of course. At £249.98, this one’s not exactly cheap. But what it lacks in austerity it rectifies with luxury. Designed for ‘the ambience of character cottages and traditional homes,’ Hamilton Gas Products claims the Calor Provence Stove will ‘bring a touch of “country chic” wherever it is placed.’ Whether it’s all that effective is questionable; but if you want a pint-sized marshmallow roaster in any room in the house, this might be just the ticket.

Img source; Towler & Staines

Desktop Electric Heater

Cold fingers making it hard to type? Wearing gloves slowing you down? Why not invest in a snazzy desktop heater? They come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with some plugging into your computer’s USB port. However, to get more power, you might consider purchasing one that connects to the mains. They generally tend to work via convection, although some have small fans. Despite the fact that we’ve written before how small heaters can be relatively feeble when it comes to heating cars, if you’re trying to keep your fingers warm, these heaters are as clever as they are cute.

Img source: Logo Factory

Fire itself

Flame has been the guardian of Man ever since Prometheus, great Titan of Ancient Greece, stole it from the high Gods of Mount Olympus, many thousand years ago. It gets really, really hot, basically, and you can burn stuff so you don’t get chilly. Stand a few feet away, keep it in the grate; but otherwise, go wild. If you need some inspiration, check out our guide to types of fireplace.

But how can a fire be more extravagant? Take a look at some of the products peddled by The Fireplace Man, a Houston-based company which hews fire pits from the deepest rocks and hard woods. The benchmark of human civilisation is now plucked, held and placed in the controlled setting of a table top. Clean, crisp, at your fingertips; manipulable from a comfy chair; a mere decoration for your back garden, no longer a survival need. Is there any greater epitome for the extravagance of Man than such modern things?

It’s this or a PlayStation…

Img source: The Fireplace Man

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