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18 May 2016

Apps to Help Plan Your Outfit around the Weather

Those confident mornings when you sense, rather than see, the unfiltered sun streaming through your window and think, today I’m wearing shorts are some of the best in the world. You start the day knowing exactly what you’re going to base your outfit around and, at least for me, that makes everything run a little smoother. There’s less worrying about matching socks and shoes, shirts and accessories, or what scarf will match the ensemble. Realistically though, I rarely have days where I have every aspect of my outfit picked out beforehand. It all comes down to how I’m feeling that day about what looks good with what. That can vary day-by-day to the point where something that I fully believed in one day looks utter rubbish to me another. Add in the weather and simply dressing becomes an exercise in patience and restraint.

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Here we are then, in the midst of a humanity-wide struggle of people concerned about dressing well and being prepared for the weather. Never fear, those wiser than I have delivered with apps meant to aid with this exact problem.

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The fashion app Cloth operates almost wholly as a social platform meant to share your outfit with other interested fashionistas. Recently, a weather feature has been added so that any catalogued outfit will be automatically be tagged with correlating weather metadata. Tags include Hot, Warm, Chilly, Freezing, Rain, and Snow. The simplicity in those categories means that intricacies of the day’s weather are lost. If it was unbearably humid but chilly in terms of temperature, the app will categorize according to set temperature guidelines, meaning you’ll have to think for yourself when it comes to those unusual days.

According to founder Seth Porges, the driving force behind this app was his girlfriend. In order to remember her favourite outfits, she would take pictures of them, crowding her gallery with random pictures of outfits. Cloth is an efficient way to better keep track of and organize outfit ideas.

The downside here is that, while Cloth is free, the weather feature is an added $1, and is only available on iOS at the moment.

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Next up is Swackett, which recommends correct clothing choices in a much simpler manner. Rather than focus on individualized fashion, the app shows a somewhat customizable avatar, called a Peep, wearing appropriate clothing for the day’s weather. Peeps will even go so far as to hold an umbrella on rainy days, don sunglasses on cloudless days, or remind users to bring a water bottle and sunscreen on hot days. Customizable as far as clothing options, a Peep’s real purpose is to showcase appropriate attire for the weather. To be fair, the design of the Peeps is rather endearing. They’re as featureless as the figures on bathroom signs, but the creators have added outfits to make the app more interesting and have even injected some hidden surprises.

Swackett is available on both iOS and Android.

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It can be near impossible to instil respect for the cold weather in children. For many parents, it’s a battle to even get them to leave the house coat in hand. What better than an app that teaches people how to dress for the weather?

iDress for Weather was created to help those whose “cognitive processing or memory is affected by a disability”, who need help learning or relearning when weather calls for certain types of clothing.  With the hopes of achieving greater independence through app usage, those with autism, developmental disabilities or degenerative illnesses (Alzheimer’s, dementia or brain injuries) can have a visual, interactive tool with which to learn.

A customizable closet complete with illustrated clothing or personal pictures varies its contents depending on the day’s forecast. The most important part of using this closet is to adjust the range of temperature used to define Hot, Warm, Cool, and Cold. This will determine what the closet contains each day and better suit a user’s personal preferences. Using GPS location services means that preferences can be saved for different locations.

With these tools literally at your fingertips, it should be that much easier to determine appropriate clothing to suit the weather.