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31 May 2016

Visit Iceland - You Won't Forget It!

When picking a holiday destination, some of us think about sun, some about the hotels, but we all think ... "adventure," and that is exactly what Iceland has to offer.

Did you know, the island is referred to as the "Land of Fire and Ice" because of the contrasts you can get in the environment? From icy glaciers to burning volcanoes, this little place has it all!

Time it right and you might be lucky enough to catch the aurora borealis. But contrary to popular belief, it is not just the stunning, natural light show that you can see in Iceland.


Iceland is famous for its waterfalls. Gullfoss is a 32m waterfall that flows over two stages that are at right angles to each other. This unusual landscape has become one of the most striking points in Iceland. The rainbows in the mist make it a magical place - but watch out for the midges! Other beautiful waterfalls include the huge 198m Glymur and the stunning Selijalandsfoss, which is particularly famous for the view tourists can get from behind it, by walking through a small cave.



Whilst this isn't your typical beach, Iceland's coastal areas are rough, windy and wild. Did I mention the sand is jet black? This is a sight, like no other. Greyish water, crashing against powdery, coal coloured sand. The strange Reynisdrangar rock formations build up in obscure cuboid stacks, whilst the cliffs play host to puffins. This strange landscape has occurred as a result of volcanic basalt lava, which at one time or another, has covered most of the area.


For some people, breaks are synomonous with spas. Iceland's idea of a spa, may come as a bit of a shock.

The hot springs and bubbling mud pits are a result of geothermal activity and can make for some fantastic photo opportunities. You can ascend mountains and walk through the geothermal fields via man made wooden paths and truly immerse yourself in the alien environment.


Jokulsarlon (Glacial river lagoon) is on the border of Vatnajokull National Park. The lake spans from one glacier, to the ocean. The water is filled with bits of glacier that have broken off - it's an awesome sight. Fancy something a little more hands on? How about The Blue Lagoon? This is one of Iceland's most popular attractions. The water is a naturally heated geothermal spa. It is a truly peaceful oasis. You can even arrange to stay overnight at the Blue Lagoon hotel!

Wildlife & Animals

As mentioned above, there are puffins in Iceland. But these aren't the only unusual species you can find on your trip. The Icelandic horse is famous for its 5th gait, known as the tölt, which is said to be more comfortable. You can go on riding tours throu
gh Iceland on these wonderful creatures, they may not be big but they are strong. There are also approximately 3,000 wild reindeer in Iceland, adorable arctic foxes and the occasional polar bear! Meanwhile, out at sea, on a whale watching tour you can often see minke and humpback whales as well as upto 7 different species of seal. If you're particularly lucky and travel at the right time of year, you may even see blue whales or orcas.

If you do decide to visit Iceland, you won't regret it. But make sure you pack plenty of layers and thermals, because you're really exposed to the elements out there and there is rarely a still day!